Laptop Stand

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Do you want to work comfortably on your laptop without the hassle of putting it in your lap? This Laptop Stand is what you're looking for! This Laptop stand is easy to set up and works very well anywhere you want to work, whether in your living room, in your dining room, or even in your own bed!



  • Size: 48x26cm
  • Double small fan style: Superheat dissipation system
  • Single large fan style: Ultra-quiet, large fan cooling, rapid heat dissipation, protect the computer.
  • Can be folded, can stand.
  • Two black anti-skid small baffles.
  • High-strength rotating joint material Engineering plastic.
  • Super heat-absorbing aluminum alloy material with good hardness and lightweight.
  • The surface is oxidized and does not rust. The joints are made of super-strength plastic with 360-degree rotation adjustment.

*Please note that there are 3 types of Laptop Stand here. Please make sure that you choose the right product before buying to avoid mistakes.*